CVM, broadly speaking, grabs guys from school-leaving age on up … That’s our target. Men.

We know that there’s a massive problem in churches across the country at the moment. Men in their twenties are found to be scarce. Quite simply guys drop out, fade away, bow out from church somewhere during teenage/school/university/early employment years and don’t come back. It’s a problem that the church as a whole needs to tackle.

ManMade squares up with this and provides an excellent course for teenage guys making that transition into manhood.

We love these guys and what they’re doing and we wanted to tell you about them. Here’s a little something from Darren at ManMade. Be sure to check them out!

ManMade: The Rites of Passage Course for teenage guys

Boys rarely mark their transition into manhood; they simply drift into their adult life.

Written by Darren Quinnell and produced by SJI, ManMade combines practical activities and discussion starters within a biblical framework, unpacking six core values based on the life of Jesus. The course gives teenage boys a coming of age experience, with significance that speaks directly into their lives.

  • Six sessions with more than 20 hours of material to choose from.
  • A DVD resource with vox pops.
  • More than 30 resource sheets on disc.
  • Reflections on core values from the life of Jesus.
  • Stacks of ideas to customise a rites of passage experience.